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Camping Le Chassiron

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On site

In the surroundings

The garden

The shared permaculture garden

Our organic permaculture vegetable garden was created with the precious help, knowledge and energyof long-time camping lovers who are passionate about producing good food and preserving the environment.

It will evolve and grow with the contributions (knowledge, seeds and helping hands) of our regular Chassiron campsite customers as well as newcomers to the site.

From the autumn, an orchard will also be created, made up of fruit trees selected for their ability to cope with the windy winters on this wild stretch of coastline.

We can’t wait to for you to come and reconnect with nature with us.

A natural pond

Located in the centre of the garden, sheltered from the sea breeze by its slopes, the pond has been designed as a complementary habitat, providing a water reserve for the garden and the wildlife in dry periods.

Filled naturally by infiltrations through the limestone rock, its pure waters are constantly being renewed and don’t need any treatment. The terraced lawns around the pond are the ideal place to relax and unwind, lulled by the murmur of the waves and the sound of birdsong.

The ocean

On foot

If you leave the campsite ontoRue de l'Océan, it is just a 200m walk to the foot of the cliffs. From there you can explore the rocky foreshore at low tide, and enjoy beautiful views of the lighthouse, cliffs, fish locks and wild coastal landscapes.

You can also go foraging for shellfish (within reason), or simply observe the many different seabirds...


Chassiron is famous for its surfing. For experienced surfers, it’s the best spot on Oléron island, and the mostextreme. It is particularly well exposed to the swell, and the waves are fast and powerful because of the way they break on the rocky ocean floor.

You obviously need a very good level to surf at this spot and it’s not recommended for beginners. Forgentlersurfing, head to the surf spots on sandy seabedsfurther to the south or at the port of St Denis d'Oléron.

When the ocean is calm, you can explore the wild coastline in sea kayaks or on paddle boards.

The Tiny Café          

Open from April to September

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Don’t forget to book your stay in a Wood Traileror Tiny House. We’re open until 30 september 2024!

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